Staging and Framing

Staging and Framing

One of Gayatri’s dirty little tricks and an
effective vilification tactic when used skillfully

Subject: Re: Best Western Friday Harbor Suites

Best Western, Friday Harbor

From: Gayatri Salunke
Date: August 16, 2011

Guys, I know we have to split the cost for the two suites. I think Kathy has already paid Jerry J. So she is good.Jerry you owe me $50, but I will take this amount from Sean.

Sean, the amount of $50 that you owe Jerry J, please give it to me when we meet next.

Scott you have paid me $65 (moped) and $10 (dinner   wine). A total of $75

[Target] what do you want to do with regards to the amount? The total of the two bedroom suite I rented was $250.

Subject: Re: Best Western Friday Harbor Suites
To: Gayatri Salunke
Date: August 21, 2011


Back in April, we discussed accommodation options but no final decision was made. Your message was clear when you excluded me from the event mailing list. As you well know, I made my own arrangements.

Just as for other social events the past few months, Gayatri has a nasty, underhanded scheme designed to exclude one individual from participation in the group’s overnight excursion to Friday Harbor. This time, it failed. After returning home, she requests payment for her hotel suite from someone who never set foot in it: the very person she tried to shut out.

Gayatri’s request for money was made publicly. Was she trying to incriminate the target of her malevolence and get other group members to side with her and support her bullying activities? Was she manipulating others to believe that it was her target who had wronged and that she was the one being mistreated?

The answer is yes. All abusers use the role reversal tactic; they play the victim act and push blame on the people they mistreat. Through underhanded maneuvers, they damage their victim’s credibility make him/her look like the guilty party. It is called DARVO; an evil-minded and duplicitous activity that effectively attracts attention, sympathy, and support for the scheming aggressor, with escalating psychological harm to the victim; and also possible social rejection.


Frankly speaking…

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